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How Depth Practices Have Moved Me: An Interview with Depth Psychotherapist Charlene Jones

05 Feb 2013 9:40 AM | Bonnie Bright (Administrator)

How Depth Practices Have Moved Me:
An Interview with Depth Psychotherapist Charlene Jones

Charlene Jones is a depth oriented psychotherapist specializing in addictions release, depression, crisis intervention, and marriage counseling. She is also a Meditation (Tibetan and Western) Astrologer who also offers Tarot, body work, and dreamwork. She has been in private practice for fifteen years, drawing on the energy and inspiration she received from her Teachers, including a lifetime of dreams and the tutelage of Roz Clements and Marion Woodman. Charlene is based in Ontario, Canada.

How did you discover depth psychology?

Charlene: I discovered the work of Carl Jung three decades ago, when as a teenager I read his Treatise on the Hero. I was struck by his admission that he did not know if this path worked for women and at that moment, felt a trust for him.

Can you share a story about how depth psychological practices have aided a client or someone you know?

Charlene: A young woman ended up at my doorstep, cross-addicted and hurt. She worked with me for a year during which we addressed enough of her foundational needs she went on to University. A blazingly intelligent young woman, she is now about to graduate as an MD!

How would you describe your particular area of focus?

Charlene: Body as basis, body as intelligence deeply informs my practice. I am struck often by how clearly and deeply an individual’s body resonates with truth, with vital information that is being ignored by the person. This ignorance often rises as anxiety/depression so my first focus in treating anxiety is to look for what it has to tell us.

What kinds of depth psychological practices do you engage in your work with clients?

Charlene: My own version of Depth Psychology includes attempting to listen to dreams as the guide toward deeper inner awareness of soma, emotions, nerves, intelligence and imagination. To that end, breath work, deep and long, assists clients in bringing oxygen and healing to their bodies and release and relaxation to their minds while the Depth, the true healer has a chance to work.

How have you been influenced by some of the early pioneers of Depth Psychology?

Charlene: Marie Louise Von Franz’s work angered me so much when I was a teenager I threw her book across a room. I believed her to be a misogynist. Much later I find I turn to her works, her words and thoughts to help me understand more about Psyche, more about fairy tales, more about the Mis-tery or Mis-tification of our times.

How were you led to doing this work?

Charlene: I was given a nightmare as a child. It recurred three times. In the first two terrors, I tried to escape. I came to a horrifying end in those dreams. Finally in the third dream I remembered the other two, their ugly outcome and decided on a different way to respond. The dream dissolved and didn’t recur. Then when I was sixteen and held captive by two armed robbers the dream resurfaced and indicated how I was to behave. The dream saved my life, literally and dreams have guided me since.

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