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How Discovering Depth Psychology Changed My Life

  • 10 Dec 2012 6:38 PM
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    I had never heard of depth psychology until a few years ago, but the principles and practices literally changed my life. Since depth psychology is often and perhaps best described as the "study of the unconscious," it brought to my immediate awareness that there are many things hidden beyond my everyday perception which, if I will simply pay attention to, speak to me about how I can be more whole and happy. Now I pay attention to what's hidden below the surface of my experience and to symbols that evoke emotion and meaning.

    Dreamwork has revealed some powerful messages for me about my own path in life, and Jung's process of active imagination, in particular, has been an effective way for me to garner valuable information that I would never have been aware of before. Regardless of what depth method you use to gain insight into yourself, I believe depth psychology offers something for everyone as we navigate the challenges of life and the growing stress of our current culture.
  • 12 Dec 2012 11:47 AM
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    I was an adult social work student with a field placement where there was a consulting psychiatrist who was in a Jungian training program.  I observed his growth over the next several years that was truly remarkable.  I had had a Freudian background but was intrigued with what I was seeing.  One day I approached him and said I had a few issues to resolve and probably could do it in 3 or 4 sessions.  Some 8 or 9 years later ........... and intermittently after that I have considered myself to be fairly adept in this field.  I applied to the Jungian Training program, was rejected and decided I could design my own training program.  I attended a huge number of Jungian programs in NY and Europe to gain as much exposure as possible to this method.  It was that same psychiatrist who noted my abilities with children and who directed me to Dora Kalff to study Sandplay.  I went to numerous programs that Dora presented - in Europe and California. Sandplay became my life's work and I continue (although at an age when I should retire) to supervise and train others in the Kalffian method of Sandplay.  I have co-edited three books and written two.  I am presently in the process of completing book #6.  The titles of my books are:
    1. Family Play Therapy - co-edited with Charles Schaefer
    2. Sandplay Therapy with Children and Families - author
    3. School-Based Play Therapy, Vol. 1 - co-edited with Athena Drewes and Charles Schaefer
    4. Expressive and Creative Arts Methods for Trauma Survivors - Editor
    5. A Salty Lake of Tears - Author (A quasi-memoir)
    6. Sandplay and Play Therapy Vignettes - Author (in process) 
    It has truly been a fascinating journey!!!
  • 30 Oct 2014 1:55 AM
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          I was practicing movement meditation several hours a day with a good diet when I noticed that many of the dreams I had recorded in my journal became De'ja'vu a couple of months later. During many De'ja'vu experiences I could remember, from the dream, what was going to happen before it happened. One day I was having De'ja'vu while riding my bicycle. As I remembered the dream, (because I had written the dreams down), I remembered that the next thing that happened in the dream was a bad crash, Instantly I slammed on the breaks and looked ahead. What I saw was the rock that I had crashed on, (and died) in the dream, except... because I could remember the dream, I had plenty of time to go around it!

          The whole event shocked me. I started to conduct a casual survey to see if any body I knew had experienced this phenomena. A very large majority of people that I interviewed stated that they experienced De'ja'vu as a memory of a dream. Several said they had changed what they knew was going to happen from the dream, and two others said that they had avoided an accident and injury because they remembered what was going to happen from the dream! Now I am familiar with the experiment used to demonstrate that De'ja'vu is a misfiring of synapse between long term and short term memory, and I think their experiment was good but I believe their conclusion was faulty; if a person is in one "real" place, sleeping having a dream, and seeing another "real" place, physically experiencing that place just as if they were there (not knowing that they are dreaming), and when they get to that place and experience De'ja'vu (weather they remember the dream or not), they "know they have been there before" than that person, at the moment of the original dream, is in two "real" places at the same time, or another perspective is that all of time and space is one thing to that dreamer, so right now, we are awake experiencing the inside of their "Dreamtime" while they are asleep, dreaming "reality"! 

          In Quantum Physics there is a phenomena called Quantum Entanglement, (Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen), where particles, separated by any distance, from an entangled set of molecules react simultaneously to whatever stimulus that is given to one, in a compensatory manner; the particles exhibit properties that would require them to exist in more than one place at the same time, and there is evidence that sometimes, at the deepest levels of sleeping/dreaming people do too! This description of what time actually looks like is less pathological than our current paradigm.     

          Jung was on the right track in relating psyche and matter, but his experiments with synchronicity are too easily brushed off as a coincidence. The empirical evidence in this case comes in the form of dream journals with dates of original dreams and dates of the De'ja'vu that correspond to those dreams; the data is somewhat easier to collect. Jung's greatest work was the discovery of the Collective Unconscious. Moving forward I think that if Jung were alive the next step in the evolution of Depth Psychology is the idea of the Collective Unconscious/Conscious! That all matter time and space is psychic material, including what is referred to in Cosmology, or Astral Physics as Dark Energy/Dark Matter. Since one good metaphor deserves another, we can relate what we see in the universe to what we see in our own personal universe; 95.1% is Dark Energy/Dark Matter, we cannot see it, or detect it directly, but we know it is there!


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