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Waking Up!!

  • 11 Dec 2012 4:07 PM
    Message # 1157733
    I was sleep walking for the first thirty years of my life until I “accidentally” entered into therapy with Jungian analyst Robert Johnson.  He is a quiet man and mostly listened to my dreams; what little he said changed my life. It was as if I’d awakened from one of my own waking dreams and realized that I had an unconscious that had been guiding me and sometimes undermining my best efforts to relate to others in a loving, effective way. Suddenly, life took on new meaning and confirmed that I was on the right path for the right reason: helping people become more conscious of who they are and why things, good and bad, happen to them. I went on to write two books on alchemical psychology and presented many seminars and workshop. Now, thirty years later, I continue providing Jungian therapy, dream analysis, type work, active imagination and alchemical psychology for individuals and couples seeking a more productive and meaningful life. Contact me!
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