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Psyche and Soul

  • 11 Dec 2012 6:12 PM
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    As a minister in a liberal denomination, I thought I knew about the soul:  its mysteries and desire for wholeness and authenticity.  When I worked with people in moments of grief and transitions, pain and joy, I knew that I was in the presence of something greater at work.  It wasn’t until I started my training as an Archetypal Pattern Analyst at the Assisi Institute with Dr. Conforti, that I could put language to what I experienced, a language that transcends a purely theological understanding of a god at work in the world. 

    The world itself is the union of matter and Psyche, we are the expression in material form of what exists in the boundlessness of Psyche.  Human beings are embedded in energetic fields of behavior or archetypes.   When we are unconscious of what drives us, we live out the archetypal and miss out on living our lives.  The task is to bring the ego into relationship with the archetypal field.  When we identify the drama and its proclivities or defaults, we can then develop a relationship with the past in a way that liberates the energy we need to live a full and balanced life.

    So it was for me personally when I engaged in the work of listening to my own dreams, images and behaviors.   I stepped into life in a new way and changed the way I practice my craft.  I now know that Psyche itself will tell me about the ways of the soul, I need to attend carefully and exquisitely to what it has to teach me about my life and the lives of those I serve.  

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