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        I swam in the waters of depth psychology, long before I had any conscious awareness of their existence. 
        I was 6, when I began having the recurring dream, that would continue until middle adulthood. In this dream, I‘d be happily playing at the seashore, when suddenly the ocean surf would begin to recede.  Fascinated and pulled to explore the depths, naively, I’d follow the recession of the tide.  The ocean floor grew deeper and deeper, as the tide slipped further away. I was mesmerized by the magnificent treasures that lined the ocean's ever-increasing depths, and I wanted it all….everything!   But each time I was about to choose a salty souvenir, the sky would darken, and I’d hear the loud roar of the ginormus waves returning to shore, threatening to snuff me out. So I’d leave that giant-sized, vast, deep, sandy ocean floor, and run, run for my life back toward shore. Each recurring dream would find me trying to out race those dangerous waves, only to later awaken in my childhood bed, terrified and once again without the lost treasure I’d so wanted. 
       The nightmares continued until my mid-forties. Then one night, as I was getting close to completing my doctoral dissertation, the same dream recurred again. But this time things were different. I not only made it back to shore, but brought with me a large, exquisite, silver-blue toned, oval, abalone shell. “You finally got something,” said my then analyst, Allen Koehn. I was thrilled. I’d heard and answered the call of the deep and finally it had delivered.
        I think of that dream as my official welcoming into the land of Depth Psychology.  I’d graduated from a theoretical land to an imaginal one. I’ve never had that dream since then. In its place now are deep sea treasures in a myriad of living images and forms.
      For example, my psychotherapy patients offer depth psychological waking and sleeping dreams of their own. My archetypal astrological clients and I hunt the treasures to be found hidden deep within the archetypal myths  and everyday stories that line their lives, along with the mythic images that fill and comprise their horoscopes.
       My current art and practice of psychotherapy, ranging from person to person, to nuclear family members, provides an unceasing in-depth myriad of issues and images, related to what it means to live in a world where environmental, economic, political and social concerns threaten our very survival.
      The depth of soul rears it’s exquisite heart and infinitely brilliant head in the never ending pleasure gained from reading thinkers such as Jung, Hillman, Campbell, Bly, Rumi, Tarnas and others.
       Best of all, I hear psyche’s voice each time I model and engage the rich, grey, clay, that I cannot get enough of. She speaks to and through me via these clay renderings that insist I must always remain, ever in depth... ever in soul.
      Judith Harte, Ph.D. M.F.T.
      Depth Psychotherapist
      Archetypal Astrologer/Sculptress

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